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KittyKaddy - K9 Kaddy

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Using Kitty Kaddy extra Long Handled Litter Scoop and Litter Pan
extra long 30" handle

KittyKaddy™ pet bowls are designed to meet the demands of pet owners with special needs.

If you have difficulty bending or stooping down to pick up your dog's or cat's bowl, our KittyKaddy and K-9 Kaddy double diners can enhance your ability to care for your pet.

Our Kaddy products feature a detachable 24-inch handle that enables pet owners to lift the durable polymer double diner bowl without bending down.

The "No Stoop" Litter Scoop™ features an extra long 30" handle. Works on the beach as well as in the cats litter box. Registered with the EPA for Gulf Coast oil-spill cleanup.

We welcome comments and suggestions about the KittyKaddy family of fine pet care products manufactured for convenience and adaptability. If you require a custom adaptation of an existing KittyKaddy pet care tool or have a unique need for a new product please contact us at 800.995.6327 or

satisfied customer using long handeled pet bowl feeder
KittyKaddy assistive pet care tools are now available at many fine retailers like:
  • Blue Goose Supermarket, 300 S. Second St., St. Charles, IL
  • Just for Pets, 3742 Far West Blvd., Austin, TX
  • HEALTHY PET, 4301 Wm. Cannon Drive, Austin, TX
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